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Behind the pseudonym Crystallmess hides Christelle Oyiri, a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris: DJ, producer, writer and video maker, willing to highlight on forgotten mythologies, past and present subcultures. Approaching the subjects of memory, colonial alienation and club culture, she creates in 2018 “Collective Amnesia: In Memory Of Logobi”. This show celebrates the forgotten history of logobi, an urban Afro-French dance of the mid-2000s, which fuses hardcore techno and cut-and-dried. But it is above all through its eclectic but cohesive DJ sets, relying more on textures, sound continuum and narration rather than genres, that Crystallmess stands out. From abrasive zouk and dancehall to Afro-trance and Detroit techno. Her work has been presented in various institutions in France: from Lafayette Anticipations to Frac Lorraine (2019), Gaîté Lyrique (2018), and internationally at the Espace Arlaud (2018) in Lausanne, HEK Basel (2019) and Auto Italia South East (2019) in London. She was a SHAPE artist and she was invited to the Maintenant festival 2019.

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