Maria Teriaeva

© Jenia Filatova

Maria Teriaeva is a Siberian-born, Moscow-based musician and composer. She uses the modular synthesizer as a framework for her music combining it with acoustic instruments and voice. Before taking up the Buchla, Maria played guitar in several Russian indie bands, also released a few instrumental EPs under the alias Dub I Prosto Derevo (Oak and Just a Tree). Aspiring to make music independently and being enthralled by the sound, Maria turned her attention to the Buchla synthesizer, an instrument intended for electronic music performance that could also operate as a portable music studio, and found it to be very freeing. Maria is also a member of the Keen Association, a company that produces innovative instruments for sound and music, including the Buchla modules, and is a notable name on the Moscow electronic scene. In 2015 she participated in the Red Bull Music Academy in Paris.

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