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With a keen ear for crystalline melody and intricate rhythm, the music of upsammy takes cues from electro and IDM, breathing a certain perpetuity and spatiality, sliding across tempo scales, while retaining an organic touch as a gentle hum of nature digitised. 

Guided by an adventurous and narrative approach, this vividness is present in her DJ sets as well. Through these impressions she consolidated a firm position in the contemporary leftfield music world, which includes a residency at De School and invitations to pinnacle venues such as Panorama Bar and Robert Johnson. Having studied Image and Media Technology at the Utrecht University of the Arts, Thessa Torsing (real name) is intrigued by texture, shade and reflection–shaping a singular aesthetic that blurs the industrial-ecological divide. As a multidisciplinary artist she researches these interactions through photography and video, explorations which simultaneously influence her music production process.

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