Cinéma Arvor

The ARVOR cinema was originally a “neighbourhood” patronage cinema located in the Saint-Hélier neighbourhood at the corner of rue Saint-Hélier and Boulevard Laënnec, then at 133 rue Saint-Hélier. While the family cinemas in the Rennes neighbourhoods disappeared one after the other, the cinema in rue Saint-Hélier, which operated exclusively with volunteers, became one of the high points of audiovisual commitment and activism, allowing a certain number of minorities and associations to express themselves under good conditions.

In 1976, the cinema received its first Art et Essai category A classification, a quality cinema was born, which the Rennes public appreciated more and more.

The proliferation of home screens, new images (series, video games, internet), multiplexes now programming the most promising Art et Essai films: since the middle of the 2000s, competition has been fierce and the need to expand has become vital. The economic equilibrium of the Cinema and consequently the continuation of its work of clearing the way depend on it.

A reflection in consultation with the City of Rennes began, which led to the decision to establish the Arvor in the EuroRennes district in the form of a 5-screen complex.

The Arvor on rue d’Antrain closed its doors on 29 October 2020 in the midst of the COVID health crisis and opened its 5 brand new cinemas at 11 rue de Châtillon on 19 May 2021.

Diversity, clearing the way, opening up to the world, echoing all contemporary debates, whether local, national or global, looking towards the future of cinematographic creation while keeping an eye on the great works of the past. These are the ambitions of the Cinéma Arvor team.