Église Saint-Martin (Church)

The Church of Saint-Martin was built in 1933 and welcomed the first parish priest, Father Guihard, on October 1, 1933. It takes over the vocation of the former church of Saint Martin des Vignes located on rue Saint-Martin, behind the Hôtel-Dieu and destroyed in 1794 by the revolutionaries.

It was rebuilt in its place according to the plans of the architects Jean Coirre and Henri Glorot. Cardinal Roques laid the foundation stone on June 24, 1950; the masonry was completed in February 1951 and on May 4, 1952, he was able to bless the new church which was consecrated on May 1, 1953.

The interior is decorated with stained glass windows by Max Ingrand. The statue on the entrance porch is by Francis Pellerin.

In 1974, the church was endowed with the organ of the former seminary of Châteaugiron, which proved to be of great quality in 1994, during its restoration, with 51 Cliquot pipes from the 18th century and its windchests bearing the signature of the three organ builders, the Cliquots.


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