Jardin Moderne

Created in 1997, Le Jardin Moderne is an association and a resource center that brings together more than 1,000 members from all walks of life, whether they are musicians, music lovers, members of associations, or even the curious.

The association aims to help the creation, the diffusion and the recognition of the current music through the following objectives :
– support of the actors and actresses;
– support and valorisation of artistic, technical and cultural collaborations in relation with contemporary music;
– support and development of practices related to contemporary music.

Open to all, Le Jardin Moderne has several spaces to carry out its activities of accompaniment, diffusion, cultural actions, resource and training: 7 rehearsal studios, 1 recording studio, a Club of 250 places, a Café of 300 places (also exhibition room, restaurant and bar), 1 meeting and training room, 1 resource center, shared offices and outdoor spaces.