Grand Cordel MJC

Le Grand Cordel MJC is an association created in 1967, affiliated to the Regional Federation of Youth and Cultural Houses of Brittany. It adheres to the principles of cultural rights and popular education movements. The association defends and animates on a daily basis a political, associative, cultural and artistic project anchored in the district 6 (Longs Champs, Beaulieu, Jeanne d’Arc).

It defines its artistic specificity around orality, narrative and writing and seeks to enhance all modes of participatory expression by not hesitating to cross disciplines. These artistic forms respond to each other through a program built around fundamental questions that cross contemporary society.

Le Grand Cordel MJC also supports artistic creation and the dissemination of works to different audiences. Beyond the disciplines, a strong axis of the project is the hosting of artists or companies in residence who question the place of people in their creative process.

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