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Publish on 13 June 2024

The visual identity of Maintenant 2024

by Markos Kay CY/UK

The visual identity of Maintenant 2024 is a creation by Markos Kay: a triptych at the crossroads of art and science that questions the origin of life*. This fascinating and hypnotic animation sets the tone for this edition: cultivate life in all its forms and explore our interactions with worlds.

Inspired by biological imagery and abstract expressionist paintings, Markos Kay is passionate about generative art. He uses advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and post-production software, to create evolving digital environments that are strikingly realistic. Affected by a chronic neuro-immune disease, these innovations have enabled him to regain his ability to create.

Taking the same approach as Maintenant, Markos Kay‘s work explores emergence and mutation, not only in its visual content but also in its creative process. Like the festival, he proposes new forms, breaks down the boundaries between disciplines, and emphasises that technique is only a means to an end. His artistic approach aims to awaken imagination and curiosity, connect people and make complex scientific concepts accessible through intuitive experiments. All these elements resonate with Maintenant‘s philosophy, as does the idea that science and art are part of the same quest to understand and represent the world.

*Based on his research into abiogenesis (the birth of life from inanimate substance), his piece for Maintenant 2024 visualises the concept of organicity: the transformation of inert matter into complex organic forms. In this way, Markos Kay highlights the beauty of invisible biological processes and invites us to reflect on the mysterious principles of self-organisation that sparked the dawn of life.

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