Cultures Electroni[k] 2012

In 2012, Cultures Electroni[k] invited the public to discover eclipses, balloons, a ballpoint pen, jelly, dance floors, orchestras, superheroes, sewing machines… an edition rich in discoveries and experiences.

Robert Henke illuminated the festival with the performance ATOM with Christopher Bauder, the performance of Monolake at the Jardin Moderne as well as a creative residency at Rennes airport followed by an in situ performance at the opening of the festival.

Yannick Jacquet’s installations Mécaniques Discursives with Fred Pennelle and Cityscape 2095, presented at the Grand Cordel Mjc, enchanted us with their perfectly mastered split between old techniques (drawings, comics, etc.) and video mapping.


Visual identity by Vincent Broquaire

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Cultures Electroni[k] 2012

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