Cultures Electroni[k] 2010

In 2010, Cultures Electroni[k] invited spectators to lose themselves in a number of ambitious proposals over 12 days. Fluorescent dinosaur, hologram and 3D object, Pierre Vanni created a surprising and futuristic visual identity for the 10th anniversary of the festival.

This edition is marked by the beautiful residency of the Quebec artist Herman Kolgen who presents the performance Inject in the majestic setting of the Piscine Saint-Georges, broadcasts his sound creation Métropole Electroni[k] at night in the Rennes train station and finally inaugurates the American Night cycle with a visual re-reading of Steve Reich‘s piece Different Trains.

This edition crosses the city with the Vegetable Orchestra at the Mjc Bréquigny, Puzzle performance in the dark at the Opéra de Rennes, Pierre Gordeef‘s sound machines at the Jardin Moderne or the audiovisual performances of 1024 architecture, Yro & Transforma at the Tambour to mark this anniversary in this historical place of the festival.


Visual identity by Pierre Vanni

Festival in pictures

The artists

Herman Kolgen (CAN), l’Orchestre de Bretagne (FR) et Jean-Michaël Lavoie (CAN), Tim Hecker (CAN), Greg Haines (GB), Slagsmålsklubben (SWE), Superpitcher (ALL), Bot’ox (FR), Logo (FR), DyE (FR), MarkLion (FR), We Are Enfant Terrible (FR), Yroyto & Transforma (FR/ALL), Vienna Vegetable Orchestra (AUT), Euphorie (1024 Architecture / Exyzt) (FR), Tilman Küntzel (ALL), Mickael Aschauer (AUT), Wet Sounds (CAN), Théâtre électronique (FR), Etienne Jaumet (FR), Dinahbird (GB), Jean-Philippe Renoult (FR), La Corda (FR), David Lemoine (FR), Jean Jullien & Niwouinwouin (FR), Pierre Vanni (FR), Baptiste Péron (FR), Aymeric De Tapol (FR), Boris Billier (FR), Pierre Gordeeff (FR), Scouap (FR), Bertùf (FR), Le Prince Edmond (FR), Nate & Jojo (FR), Julie Seiller (FR), Maïa Gusberti (CH), Nick Thoenen (CH), Benjamin Le Baron (FR), Essa.m (FR), Wahn (FR), Iroskin (FR), El Gyeah (FR).


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