Pays-Bas | Edition 2022 /

Animistic Beliefs

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Hailing from Rotterdam, Animistic Beliefs was born to perform live and thrive in any basement where they breathe new life into electro by twisting, distorting and contorting it into contemporary and mesmerizing occult structures.

Tinkering with fluid melodies to better reshape them into new entities, the duo composed of producers Xakalele and RBF.Linh experiment with textures and assemble sounds to go in an instant from meditative to manic, from destructive to danceable.

Their music, which follows the experimental sounds of electro, rave and IDM-techno, has led them to play critically acclaimed venues such as De School (Amsterdam), Griessmuehle (Berlin) and Mutabor (Moscow), as well as events organized by the fashion brand Gucci.

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