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Brest Brest Brest

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Founded in 2009 and led by Arnaud Jarsaillon, Rémy Poncet and Loris Pernoux, the active members of the Brest Brest Brest collective work exclusively in the sectors dedicated to culture and the arts. They imagine posters bigger than they are, they love two-color printing and direct tone overprints, they dismantle samples of popular imagery for fun, and … they are absolutely not from Brittany. They also founded the publishing house  Objet Livre, in parallel with the music label  Objet Disque, they exhibit, intervene in graphic design schools for workshops or juries, and are also musicians (Cowbones/Chevalrex). 

Arnaud Jarsaillon is involved very early in the world of music, theater and street performance, he collaborates since the 1990s with the Cie Transe Express, the Cie Delices Dada, the Cie Kumulus as a graphic designer, musician, set designer, painter and costume designer. In 1998, he co-founded the Pachyderm creation collective, with whom he designed and produced theater sets, notably for the  Comédie de Valence.

Precocious and self-taught musician, Rémi Poncet associates the creation of images, collages, drawings to his practice to dress the covers of records and cassettes that he records. After 4 years at the Beaux-Arts in the early 2000s, he never sought to do anything else than music and images. Today he divides his time between his life as a musician under the name of Chevalrex, as artistic director of the label Objet Disque and as a graphic designer specializing in record sleeves and posters.

Loris Pernoux began his career in the arts at an early age and later specialized in graphic design. He finished his studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2016, during which he collaborated on the creation of the work To be Continued by Jan van Adrichem. Back in France, he joined the studio Brest Brest Brest in 2016, with whom he will realize the launch of the publishing house  Objet Livre.

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