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© Éric Lafargue

Originally from Rennes, Labelle is a musician and composer who draws his inspiration from two worlds that everything seems to oppose: electro and Maloya, a traditional music from Reunion Island, where he is now based. Between a mixture of breaths and frenzied rhythms, trance and serenity, sky and earth, Labelle explores a singular universe through a symphonic music open to the world. Signed to the Infiné label, a regular accomplice of Maintenant‘s musical adventures, Labelle multiplies projects – such as the creation of the duo Kaang with Hlasko, a South African singer and composer, who then performed at the Transmusicales -, composes soundtracks and produces cine-concerts. Through his association with the Orchestre de la Région Réunion, the artist has taken a new step in the hybridization of learned and popular musical cultures, as well as European and Indo-Oceanic heritages.