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Marina Herlop

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Conservatory trained composer, vocalist and pianist Marina Herlop began her career by giving a contemporary flair to compositions from Debussy and Chopin, tipping her hat to the canons of the romantic era. 

Her first album, Nanook (2016), relied heavily on her classical training. For her second opus Babasha (2018), Marina Herlop started to integrate synths and assorted electronic sounds. With Pripyat (2022), her debut album for the avant-garde Berlin label PAN, has broadened her range of sonic tools to the decidedly more cybernetic aspect of music. The hypnotic continuum of her early compositions clashes and grows through alien rhythms, layers of processed vocals and organic flourishes.

Drawing inspiration from South India’s Carnatic music and with piano still very much at the core of her music, Pripyat nonetheless marked Marina Herlop’s irrevocable transition into electronic music. Resisting any attempts at reinterpreting her own work, Marina Herlop prefers to craft multifaceted worlds that spur and feed the imagination. The first two singles have already garnered rave reviews in media such as Pitchfork and Fact Magazine. Her work was & will featured at a number of high-profile events such as Primavera Sound, WOS, MIRA, Rewire, Dekmantel, Primavera Sound or at the Barbican in London.

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