Switzerland | Edition 2021 /

Noémi Büchi

© Jean-Marc Avila

Composer and sound artist Noémi Büchi creates electronic, symphonic maximalism. Her music is defined by a delicate synthesis of textural rhythms and electroacoustic-orchestral abstraction.

She explores the potential of consonance and dissonance, contrasts rhythmic physicality with disruption and playfully emphasizes irregularities, creating an expansive listening experience marked by detail and elevation.

After a classical training in piano and composition, she studied electroacoustic composition, musicology and literature. Strongly influenced by romantic and impressionist music, she reinvents it through a contemporary approach.In 2022 she releases her debut album “Matter” on -OUS Records, with the ep “Hyle” as its prelude, as well as the first album of Musique Infinie, a collaboration between Noémi Büchi and the Swiss-Italian composer and installation artist Feldermelder.

Noémi Büchi is presented with the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Foundation for culture.