Hôtel Pasteur / Edulab Pasteur

Hôtel Pasteur (exhibition on the 2nd floor)

Unique in Rennes, the Hôtel Pasteur is a piece of heritage, anchored in the city center, a place of transmission of knowledge for over 120 years. The building is now getting a second lease on life after years of hosting students. The project began in 2012, the students of the dental college, the last occupants of the palace, had already moved to the Beaulieu campus long ago. The question then arose of giving new life to a place of university and hospital heritage. The city and the university decided to transform it into a place of experimentation. But not just any experiment. It is the users, the citizens and the local residents who will decide on the continuation of the project with the architects (the Rennes agency Nicolas Chambon Architecte and the Parisian agency Encore Heureux).


Edulab Pasteur (exhibition on the 1st floor of the Hôtel Pasteur)

The Edulab is a space for the public to experiment and meet around digital technology. You can co-construct collective projects, come and train individually, meet in groups or work on common projects. Workshops are offered to give the inhabitants the possibility to discover these digital creation practices. 

The focus is on educational digital. This allows us to take a step back on the use of digital technology at school and to accompany families who often have many questions. The Edulab will be the engine of the local digital educational plan. The Edulab is intended to go beyond the walls of Pasteur to reach out to residents, in neighborhoods, recreation centers… Some forty associations, including FabLabs, are taking over this popular space that is open to the city.

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