Jeu de Paume

The Jeu de paume is a building located in the west of the Centre district of Rennes, at 12, rue Saint-Louis. It is the only remaining building of the former Eudist major seminary founded in 1670 and the oldest surviving building of a jeu de paume in elevation in France.

In 2012, the building, along with that of the salle de La Cité next door, was to house an intergenerational neighbourhood facility between 2015 and 2016. In 2016, the works were announced for 2017 and the opening for 2019.

The equipment covers 1500 m² and three levels. Part of the space (500 m²) is occupied by the BABAO multi-reception crèche, managed by the PARENBOUGE association. The remaining 1,000 m² is dedicated to the “local neighbourhood equipment” part managed, on a transitional basis, by APRAS.
The complex consists of a heritage building listed as a historical monument in 2012, which has been completely renovated, and a new extension. The building was inaugurated in December 2019.

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