La Courrouze, Grande Prairie

To explore La Courrouze, a district with many faces, is to discover its unusual contrasts: an astonishing mixture of heritage and modernity, nature and culture. This unusual territory never stops inventing, innovating, exchanging and sharing in order to create a “participative” neighbourhood, an active and local citizenship where everyone has a place and where all generations meet.

A former industrial site used for the storage and reconditioning of munitions, Grande Prairie consisted of a central building demolished in the 1950s, leaving today a wasteland that stretches from the Coeur Courrouze in the west to the Boulevard De la Guérinais in the east.

The future nerve centre of the Courrouze, the Grande Prairie sector is being transformed to offer a real set of facilities (Antipode, Big Bang Circus, la petite Rennes, Les Cartoucheries) in the heart of a park where games and culture are central elements. In the midst of construction, the history of this future centre is now being written with the inhabitants.

Maintenant 2022
It is in this context that Bruit du Frigo, a collective of architects and artists working on the requalification of forgotten areas, and the illustrator-graphic artist Guillaumit have imagined a playful and participatory work for all at the invitation of the Electroni[k] association, as part of the participatory budget of the City of Rennes, submitted in 2018. This monumental Moutonium architecture is an artistic production linked to the singularities of the neighbourhood, a perennial piece that reinvests this abandoned landscape in order to imagine a playground.

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