Guillaumit & Bruit du Frigo


From 6 to 9 of October 2022

Perennial work - Opening 2:30pm

La Courrouze, Grande Prairie

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Watch out, it’s growing!
You can already come and contemplate the Moutonium installation. But to practice leapfrogging, you will have to be a little more patient and wait for the grass to grow.

Invited by the Electroni[k] association, as part of the participative budget of the City of Rennes, Guillaumit & Bruit du Frigo imagine a monumental playground, inspired by the creation of Bruit du Frigo in Houdain in the Hauts-de-France.

After a weekend of consultation around the event Courrouze Playground with the inhabitants of the district, the playground becomes a pasture of about fifty sheep that are scattered on the sector “Grande Prairie”, thus proposing, beyond many seats and a new place of conviviality, a poetic and playful image in the heart of the district, next to the future school Simone-Veil. Moutonium revisits the familiar leapfrog that animated the schoolyards and the games between friends of our childhood. The project is located on a stretched site constrained to the east by a valley and to the west by a school. To the north of the site is a small mound, a privileged place that was chosen to establish a small group of sheep in the heart of which hides a wolf.

A production site took place in November 2021 in the workshops “Comme un √©tabli”, at the end of which the pasture entered into hibernation until its perennial installation in September 2022 in the public space, in the district of La Courrouze in Rennes.

Moutonium is a playground and installation in the public space, created by Guillaumit & Bruit du Frigo, on invitation of the association Electroni[k], as part of the participatory budget of the City of Rennes, submitted in 2018.

Artistic team:

  • Artistic direction, graphic creation : Guillaumit
  • Conception & accompaniment participative process : Bruit du Frigo

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