Ambiance électronique #3

Alto Fuero (live) + ojoo + Tina Tuner


Saturday 7 October, 2023

07:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Théâtre du Vieux St-Étienne

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In the early evening, the Théâtre du Vieux St-Étienne transforms itself into a meeting place for drinks and the best of the electronic scene.

Alto Fuero – live

Brussels’ new UFO, the duo oscillate between performance, communion and cavernous club music of the future.



From old-school dancehall to its most futuristic mutations, ojoo delivers a spellbinding experience with an infectious groove.


Tina Tuner

The founder of the YouTube channel post-clubbing depression, Tina Tuner documents mutant music and is a member of the alternative club nights organisation Scorpion Métal.

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Tina Tuner, Alto Fuero, ojoo