Lucie Antunes & Collectif Scale

+ DJ Zazu


Friday, October 8th 2021

9:00pm to 00:00pm

Free on reservation

In 2013, Lucie Antunes enters the pop-music scene and is propelled to the forefront of the scene alongside Moodoïd and then will continue the projects of others on drums: Aquaserge, Yuksek, Susheela Raman

From these beautiful escapes will be born SERGEÏ, a music which does not want to be more clever, nor more erudite; just a music whose horizon does not cease widening with the dancefloor as line of sight and the clearly expressed will to tell itself on a disc. 

Lucie’s music is not closed to anyone. Behind each of the tracks that make up her album, a story is hiding. Something that was felt and lived in silence and that explodes unvarnished. It is there, powerful and sensitive, personal and intense. It takes us, lifts us, transports us. 

Following the concert of Lucie Antunes Ensemble, DJ Zazu will make you dance for a “Bar – Club” format.

From South African gqom to Moroccan tribal sounds and broken electro, Zazu carries her travels, her transversal and sharpened vision of music like a contemporary and free amazon who integrates her free-party heritage to the doors of a clever and terribly exciting hybrid sound.


Distribution Lucie Antunes : 

Lucie Antunes : composition, percussions, vibraphone, marimba, drums
Agnès Imbault : voice, synthesizer, percussions
Theodora De Lilez : voice, synthesizer, percussions, bass
Flora Duverger : voice, synthesizer, percussions
Suzy Le Void : voice, tubular bells, steels, bass
Brice Perda : tuba, voice 
Nicolas Lockhart : synthesizer, voice
Franck Berthoux : sound engineering in real time, modular synthesis
Scénography : Scale Collective

SERGEÏ Ensemble is a production by Cie João and Scale collective.
With the support of Hermès Company Fundation with the program New Settings.
Co-produced by Comète – national scène of Châlons-en-Champagne, the POC! – cultural center of Alfortville, the Quartz – national scene of Brest and La Carène – music hall in Brest metropole.
With the help of ADAMI – Talents Arts and Technology, the National Center of Music, the DRAC Ile-de-France, the Region Ile-de-France et the Val de Marne Department, with the residency welcome of the CENT QUATRE in Paris, the CDA at Enghien-les-Bains.
With the support of Tetro+A for the Scale collective.

In partnership with the Antipode