Instabilités version installation

Benjamin Le Baron & Tristan Ménez



From 5 to 8 October, 2023

Thursday & Friday 01:00 pm to 06:30 pm / Week-end 10:00 am to 06:30 pm

Théâtre du Vieux St-Étienne

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[new creation]

Instabilités version installation creates a poetic and sensitive translation of a scientific experiment, exploring the similarities between the movements of the infinitely small and the infinitely large and offering a contemplative and immersive experience.

The work explores Marangoni fragmentation, discovered in 1865 by the Italian physicist Carlo Marangoni. This physico-chemical phenomenon occurs when two different substances, which cannot mix, are brought into contact with each other. The forces and surface tensions of the two fluids then oppose each other, tending towards equilibrium. Instabilités version installation invites us to contemplate a kinetic and sonic tableau, to observe the movements and interactions of the fluids captured and processed by a programme that triggers sounds and music in real time.

This installation stems from the performance Instabilités presented at the Maintenant en 2021 festival.

In pictures

Instabilités (version installation), Tristan Ménez & Benjamin Le Baron

Instabilités is a creation by Tristan Ménez & Benjamin Le Baron, supported and produced by Electroni[k], co-produced with the Antipode, the ASCA Beauvais, the Château Ephémère and La Carène – SMAC of Brest Metropole.

2021 laureate of the call for projects by La Biennale Némo and the Festival La Science de l’Art.