Sacha Gattino + Hélène Vogelsinger

La Combinatoire à Combines (live AV) + Metaphysical Alteration (live AV)



Thursday 5 October, 2023

08:30 pm

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An evening of two audiovisual performances that explore sound in a sensitive way.

La Combinatoire à Combines – live AV
Sacha Gattino

[new creation]

La Combinatoire à Combines is an evolving electro-acoustic ensemble launched in 2021.

Influenced as much by electronic music and musique concrète as by ethnomusicological approaches or contemporary orchestration, Sacha Gattino‘s La Combinatoire à Combines is a cabinet of sonic curiosities in which naturalia, artificialia, exotica, domestica and electronica are combined according to the musician’s compositions and the moods of the machine, which plays in part randomly.

The performance is preceded by a vast collection of instrumental sound objects, collected over more than 20 years and specially recorded. Nearly 200 instruments are reincarnated, programmed to be played back from a keyboard. On stage, a giant mbira, an electro-organic percussion instrument, and various instruments on a transfer table feed the performance and diversify the gestures. Everything is composed, tamed and articulated in real time (playing, sampling, mixing, digital processing). A visual dimension created by the artist Elie Blanchard is linked to the instrumentarium and enters into dialogue with this amplified acoustic intimacy, this exploration of sound that is willingly facetious.


Metaphysical Alteration – live AV
Hélène Vogelsinger

Hélène Vogelsinger is a French composer, sound designer and producer of electronic music. A sound explorer, her music is described as intense and hypnotic. The modular synthesiser, with its infinite possibilities, enables her to create timeless sounds at the crossroads of minimalism, ambient and orchestral. His musical signature is a blend of minimalist and repetitive music, lyrical voices and deep, soaring layers. Metaphysical alteration is the name of a series of sessions she has recorded in abandoned places, but it is also the name of her creative process. She mainly divides her time between composing sound for images, creating audiovisual content and new sessions in abandoned places.


In pictures

Sacha Gattino & Hélène Vogelsinger

In partnership with the Antipode.

La Combinatoire à Combines is an original concept and music from Sacha Gattino.
Visual design and production: Elie Blanchard
Delegated production: Electroni[k]
Coproductions: Antipode, Stereolux, Le Tintinnabulum Studio
Partnership: CCNRB
Assistant director and camera: Thomas Lanza
Lighting assistant: Sébastien Thomas
Editing: Victoria Follonier

La Combinatoire à Combines is produced with the support of DRAC Bretagne.

Acknowledgements: Pierre Nouvel, Karine Lebrun, FRAC Bretagne, HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE, Florian Jégu, Festival Serendip and Festival Autres Mesures.