Ambivalences #1

Art, environment and digital

Free on booking

October 8th


Free on booking

AMBIVALENCES #1 – environmental changes

CHAPTER 1: Art, environment and digital

MAINTENANT Festival – DEMAIN #6 Conferences 

October 8th from 2pm to 6pm, Espace Tambour – Université Rennes 2

October 9th and 10th, 6pm to 7pm, online


Since 2014, the Demain conferences have highlighted the experiences and initiatives of today’s actors and professionals who make and participate in the creation of tomorrow as well as yesterday. In a society facing the resurgence and consistency of environmental, social, cultural, economic, political and health crises, the digitization of our lives makes the analysis of these changes far more complex.

Premising that technology is not neutral, that its exponential deployment impacts our entire ecosystem, and that the place of art and culture is essential to explore these questions and issues, Stereolux, Oblique/s and Electroni[k] join forces to present a new programme of meetings entitled “Ambivalences“.

The 6th edition of Demain’s Conferences will thus be devoted to the opening of this programme and the launch of its first cycle, dedicated to the issue of environmental change, which will be divided into 3 chapters in Rennes (October 2020), Caen (April 2021) and Nantes (September 2021).


Art, environment and digital

The first chapter of the Ambivalences #1 program, dedicated to environmental changes, will attempt to present an inventory of the relations between art, digital and environment and to question these same relations. How are art in general and digital art in particular evolving in the face of the environmental crisis? How are artists taking hold of this reality and positioning themselves in the face of these issues? Can they impact public awareness and action by positioning themselves as observers and defenders of living things?


Espace Tambour – Rennes 2 University and live on Facebook

Opening by Anne Coursan (Electroni[k]), Luc Brou (Oblique/s) and Martin Lambert (Stereolux)

Moderator: Régine Debatty, reporter, art critic and founder of


2PM-3:30PM  (90’) – Introductory lecture “On the notion of ambivalence in the relationship between arts, technology and society”

“We were never modern,” says Bruno Latour. By this he means that the ideal of a rationalized world, having left its archaic foundations behind and shaping progress, does not exist and has never existed. The ethical, political and aesthetic ambivalences of artists and works of art using science and technology could be both a metonymy and a metaphor, particularly those concerned with “environmental change” and social transformation. This conference will attempt to show that while ambiguities, complexities, and even equivocations abound, rather than invalidating works and artistic proposals, they are part of the creative and anticipatory questioning that artists, on a global scale, bring to our world in suspension of what is to come.

Manuela de Barros (FR) Université Paris 8 / Facebook
Lecturer in Art History and Aesthetics (Université Paris 8)


3:45PM-4:15PM (30’) – Lecture: “An Ecological Art History”

Panorama of the different postures of the artist through the history of art faced with the environmental question.

Bénédicte Ramade (FR – CA) Université de Montréal / Residency / Grantham Fondation
Art critic, independent curator, lecturer in Montreal


4:30PM-6PM (90’) – Round table “Digital Arts and Environmental Awareness”

This round table will discuss the ambivalent and contemporary relationship of the artist to the environment, ecological and technological, and more specifically the role of digital arts in raising awareness of the environmental crisis.

Moderator: Régine Debatty, reporter, art critic and founder of

Régine Debatty (BE) / Instagram / Twitter
Reporter, art critic (


Claire Bardainne (FR) / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Artist, Artistic Director (compagnie Adrien M & Claire B)


Loïc Fel (FR) / Facebook
Doctor of Environmental Philosophy, co-founder of COAL 


Joanie Lemercier (FR) / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Visual artist and environmental activist




Pictures of the conferences

Ambivalences - Espace Tambour Université Rennes 2

Ambivalence emanates from an inter-regional dynamic driven by Oblique/s (Normandy), Stereolux (Pays-de-La Loire) and Electroni[k] (Brittany). It is in line with the reflections carried by the HACNUM national network, around the stakes specific to the actors and the sector of hybrid arts and digital cultures.