“Candor Chasma”

Thomas Poli

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October 11th


Galerie Quinconce

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Candor Chasma” is an audiovisual performance by Thomas Poli which proposes to fly over the Martian ground in music and sound. Inspired by Flavien Théry’s astonishing Aubusson tapestry, Thomas Poli has created with an analog synthesizer a kind of soundtrack, a ciné-concert, for 3D tapestry. Thomas Poli’s performance takes place at the Galerie Quinconce, venue of Flavien Théry’s exhibition Sound Reveries Of Trips We Won’t Go On

Candor Chasma” is an invitation to daydream, to explore a fascinating planet, which for more than a century has nourished the imagination. This performance also recalls the role of synthesizers in the history of science-fiction film soundtracks, such as that of Planet Forbidden, the first film with a soundtrack entirely made with electronic instruments for Bebe and Louis Barron in 1956.


Pictures of the performance

Candor Chasma, Thomas Poli - Galerie Quinconce