Heart of the festival – Headquarters



From October 1th to 10th

Week: 1pm to 7pm
Week-end: 10am to 7pm

La Salle de la Cité

More about the venue

The Salle de La Cité is the heart of 2021’s Festival: a place of welcome, information and conviviality. Come and meet us and enjoy a relaxing space.

During the first weekend of the festival, come silk-screening the 2021’s visual identity by Icinori in monochromy. The workshops will be held by the the team of La Bonne Pioche.

Take back with you your totebag, postal card or a poster !

You will also be able to discover Electroni[k] creations and projects all year long:

  • Phénakistiscope by Icinori : 2021 visual identity of the festival
  • La Main à l’Oreille by Bérengère AmiotMy Human Kit & Code 404 : cultural action project and residency in a school environment for 3 years with allophone students from St-Armel school (Rennes)
  • Ensemble Podcast : a listening cosy room to discover the sound creations of Crystallmess, Maria Teriaeva, Rojin Sharafi, upsammy, KMRU, Simo Cell and the new episodes to come.