Canti-eri : Building / Opus 1

Fabrizio Rat

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Saturday, October 8th, 2022

7pm to 8:30pm

La Garden Partie

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Sold out


The relationship between sound and matter never ceases to inspire the Italian composer Fabrizio Rat, who performs a series of vibrant and haunting electro-acoustic concerts around the world with his prepared piano. In Baud Chardonnet, on a rooftop terrace, he offers a first in situ performance – Canti-eri – mixing sounds produced by the construction workers and collected by the sound creation collective Ars Nomadis beforehand. A sound and musical exploration as the first stone to the creation of a symphonic work BUILDING – symphonie d’un nouveau quartier which will see the day in 2 years.

This musical performance is programmed within the framework of the three-year project BUILDING – symphony of a new district * of the Ars Nomadis collective in partnership with the Orchestre National de Bretagne. This project proposes to use the sound material of the Baud-Chardonnet district in Rennes to create a symphonic work mixing sounds recorded on site with instrumental and electro-acoustic compositions.

More information: Projet Building / Ars Nomadis

Practical information: Meeting at 7pm at La Garden Partie, for a stroll towards the place of the concert

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Canti-eri, Fabrizio Rat