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Publish on 8 October 2021

Maintenant 2021 ► Images of the week

Maintenant 2021 ► Organ concert

On the 4th of October, Kali Malone, accompanied by Stephen O’ Malley, caused a stir on the organ of the Saint-Martin’s Church of Rennes.

Kali Malone & Stephen O'Malley - Église St-Martin

Maintenant 2021 ► Group welcoming and mediation

Because the cultural action is central in our approach, and because the art should be accessible to everyone, several groups were welcomed on diverse propositions of the Festival Maintenant by our crew.

Accueil de groupes & parcours de médiation

Maintenant 2021 ► Electronic music : pioneers

On Tuesday, we discovered two movies at the Cinéma Arvor on the women pioneers in electronic music : Sisters with transistors, that tells the central role of women in the music history and Eliane Radigue, an intimist portrait of a pioneer artist in electronic music.


Maintenant 2021 ► Drumming in motion

At the Opéra de RennesEnsemble Links suprised us with an original concert based on the anthological piece by Steve Reich : Drumming in motion. On the scene or from the gallery, Ensemble Links made us rediscover from several angles Drumming in motion.

Drumming In Motion - Ensemble Links

Maintenant 2021 ► (Un)related to God - Performance

Since the beginning of the festival, we can enjoy (Un)related to God as an exhibition. But the project by Apollo Noir & Thomas Pons is protean and declinable : exhibition, live on Twitch or performance. See the images of the first performance :

(Un)related to God, Apollo Noir & Thomas Pons (Performance)

Maintenant 2021 ► Ambivalences #2 - Chapter 1 : Hybridations

Maintenant Festival, it is also the Ambivalences conference cycle. For the beginning of this second cycle on the theme : Hybdridations, Le Tambour welcomed Pauline Briand, Thomas Tilly, Felix Blume, Sabrina Ratté, Camille Prunet, Mathieu Vabre & Olivier Zeitoun for an afternoon of conferences.

Conférences Ambivalences - Mutations du vivant

Maintenant 2021 ► Exhibitions at the Hôtel Pasteur & Edulab Pasteur

Since the 1st of October, the Hôtel Pasteur and the Edulab Pasteur are welcoming Floralia, by Sabrina Ratté and Essaim, by Félix Blume. See the images of these two exhibitions :

Floralia, Sabrina Ratté

Essaim, Félix Blume

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